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4th November
written by dzimney

This is from a post I put up recently in a friendly family political debate I’ve been having on Facebook. Basically Republicans talking about how fiscally responsibly they are. I thought it was good enough to repost here on the blog. Don’t want to loose good info like this. All of which was provided by, by the way.

Honestly though, it really fucking pisses me off when Republicans talk about how good they are with money. Why? For the following reasons:

Not to be the bearer of facts and all here, but you all do realize that the national deficit increased by more (percentage-wise) in Reagan’s 8 years as president than in any other 8 year period over the last 30 years?

In fact, the national debt went up by 160% in Reagan’s 8 years in office, the Bushes were also top dogs increasing the deficit by 114% over their 3 terms. While Clinton only increased the deficit by 28% in his 8 years. Now, it is important to note that that much of the increase from Clinton and GW’s terms was due to the interest accumulating on the national debt. However, in those 28 years, interest considered, Clinton was the only president to provide a surplus at the end of any presidential term.

And if you want to get into Obama’s economics, in his two years the national debt has gone up a little under 14%. Which is almost a third better than Bush Sr.

So maybe Democrats are just better at Reaganomics than anyone else in the past 30 years, but I gotta tell you folks, I’m really sick of hearing people talk about Republicans being fiscally responsible with numbers like these.

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