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8th September
written by dzimney

I swear, any time I think that Google is lacking any way, they seem to show me up. I absolutely love those guys/gals.

So today after I got home I’m started locanizing my photos on my computer. I’m currently using iPhoto, which I don’t totally love, but it gives me most of what I need. Since Laura and I want Asia, I’ve been keep my photos updates (fairly regularly) on Picasa, Google’s photo app. Now I’d been pretty sure that Google and iPhoto worked pretty seamlessly together, and sure enough they do. Google has developed a desktop app, called Picasa Web Albums Uploader (for Mac), for uploading photos that is complete with an iPhoto plugin. Once the uploader is installed, simply select an album in iPhoto and select File -> Export… Next, select the Picasa Web tab and presto, you can add your photos to a new or existing ablum. Super slick.

Now all I need is an easier way to upload from my phone (iPhone). There are a few workarounds and right now it works fine to sync my phone with with my iPhoto library and upload from there, but it’d be cool if I could do a batch upload straight from the phone. All in due time, I hope. I know I’m not the only one looking for this feature. If there’s a demand and Google’s got time, then I’m sure they’ll deliver. Assuming Apple isn’t letting them to keep people off Picasa and on MobileMe or whatever they’re selling. Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple, but ever since they teamed up with AT&T they’ve gotten a little insane with iPhone.

Damn the man, save the Empire.

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