the Life of Zim

1st May
written by dzimney

IBM has always been on the forefront of computer technology and currently they’re working on using atoms to do just that. They’ve developed a way of moving the atoms around using magnets that only comprised of 12 atoms themselves. Recently they put out a short film to show the world what they’ve been up to. The film is an animated movie (stop motion) made up for atoms. Each dot you’re about to see are being magnified 100,000,000 times. That’s one hundred million. One hundred. Million. Times. Okay, enough jibba jabba. Watch the video…

And of course, as I love watching the special features on a dvd, here’s a quick one on the making of A Boy and His Atom.. And by the way I think it’s pretty safe to say that A Boy and His Atom is a shout out to the NES classic A Boy and His Blob, which is cool.

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