the Life of Zim

31st January
written by dzimney

This is more of a future note to myself so when updating I have a record of which drive is which, but I suppose it’s possible that someone might find this info useful for their own partitioning. However, I am admittedly a novice at this. I’ve done my research and am confident in my partitions and sizes, but as everything is arguable, this may not be the best approach.

Please feel free to comment with criticism and/or praise.

For my install of Ubuntu 10.10 on a 250 Gb drive with 4 gigs of ram (expandable to 8gb)

sda1 — /boot at 500 mb (primary)
sda2 — / at 8 gb (primary)
sda3 — swap at 8 gb (swap)
sda5 — /var at 4 gb (logical)
sda6 — /usr at 16 gb (logical)
sda7 — /home at 196 gb (logical)
sda8 — /opt at 4 gb (logical)
sda9 — /tmp at 4 gb (logical)

Leaving around 8 gb left of unformatted disk space.